• CORMCO ® is a private investment company focused on public and private companies in the global tech, biotech, and real estate industries.

    Founded in 1998, CORMCO was an early investor in top companies, such as Broadcom and Nvidia, and continues to be a proactive investor in more recent, both public and private, tech companies in the AI, big data, cloud computing, SaaS, and software industries. CORMCO is also an active biotech investor in the biopharma, genetics, life science, medical device, and therapeutics industries.


    CORMCO's net asset value (NAV) is calculated based on the net asset values of its public and private investments. CORMCO's revenue is the aggregate revenue of rental income stemming from portfolio properties, dividends paid out by portfolio companies, and capital gains associated with portfolio liquidity events. CORMCO carries no debt and no leverage.