CORMCO ® is a family investment office focused on public and private companies in the global tech, biotech, and real estate industries. Founded in 1998, CORMCO was an early investor in AMD, Broadcom, and Nvidia and continues to be a proactive investor in more recent, both public and private, marquee tech firms in the AI, big data, cloud computing, IoT, machine learning, SaaS, and software industries. CORMCO is also an active biotech investor in the biopharma, genetics, life science, medical device, and therapeutics industries. Finally, CORMCO continues to build its global real estate portfolio while investing in game-changing proptech companies.


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  • Our mission is to deploy patient capital and generate superior long-term investment returns while embracing stringent risk management methodologies. We use real estate investments to mitigate our overall portfolio's beta (β) exposure.



    Our public equity program applies a fundamentally oriented and long-term investment approach. We invest in tech, biotech, and real estate companies that benefit from powerful secular growth trends and impeccable financials.




    Our private equity program invests in tech, biotech, and real estate growth companies already backed by solid institutional funding, including investments ranging from Series C to pre-IPO.